Monday, 3 October 2016

I'm starting to enjoy fafara (who'd have thought!)

In answer to your questions, Mom/Dad, I do know of a pants place, If the problem starts to get worse, I'll give you a heads up to me buying a pair or two. Prices seem to be comparable to chez nous. I'm pretty sure the shirts will hold up, I've learned a few shirt whitening techniques so I think I'm good. I have one shirt that needs to be burned, but the rest are fine and dandy. I'm actually doing really good with most of my stuff. Maybe in the Christmas package send a thingy or two of socks. My socks are starting to get holes in em. But we are still doing good for now. OH and by Christmas I'll need another thing of hair clay. Claire knows what I’m talking about. 

I’ve learned a bunch about la patience the last couple weeks. I’ve also learned a lot about obedience. If we aren’t obedient even just to Mission rules, God’s presence leaves us. Keeping the spirit takes effort when there are challenges. 

Last week we did a really cool hike near the Temple. It was super fun. I got to see some friends in the Mission. 

The work this week was a little tough. We had to put a couple investigators on stand by, but we had two people fix baptisms this week. Elder Faatau, our "visa waiter," is super awesome, too bad he isn’t serving here. 

We ate fafaru** twice this week, and honestly it isn’t even hard to eat anymore. If you know how to eat it, its actually tastes pretty good.

Super cool thing that will happen on Tuesday. Elder Faatau is leaving for the MTC (he got his Australian visa) and he needs to go to his house to get some some stuff. We got permission to go to his house and eat with his family, then drop him off with some other Elders to take him to the airport. He lives in Tiare which is mega far away. So our zone leaders are giving me their truck and we are going to drive up there. ITS GONNA BE SO MUCH FUN. We basically have permission to got do a road trip. 

Not a lot of news this week. I’m hangin in there...

luv you guys

Elder Goodwin

**Made with fish or shrimp, fafaru is marinated in fermented seawater. This water, called mitifafaru, is made by soaking a piece of very fresh fish in the cleanest seawater available for a period of three days. The hardest detail to transcend while eating fafaru is the smell. The fermentation process is used in numerous Tahitian dishes, but only fafaru smells like a five day-old carcass in its finished state. Just remember that this is a real Tahitian treat!

Elder Faatau and I hiking last Monday

Left to right: Elder Prete (Saskatchewan), Elder Paxman (Calgary)

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