Monday, 2 January 2017

Happy New Year...

Fam jam

Hey guys! hows life? This week was pretty good. We have a number of investigators we are teaching. We may have some baptisms in January. 

The weather report here in Bora Bora. Freaking hot, and rain. The other day when we were doing our studies in the house, it was soooo hot I swear I almost gave up the Ghost. Probably over 30 all the time… 100% humidity…. never stops... all I know is that I wanted to die that day.  Sometimes we drink coconuts when we ask or when offered---but mostly I just drink a lot of room temperature water. I’ve just gotten used to the normal every day heat. I dont like cold water. It doesnt do the job for me.

The holidays are now over but the parties will continue here until about Wednesday, because that is when everyone runs out of money. The parties didn’t get in the way of missionary work. It just made unfixed events super difficult. All our fixed (planned) lessons would work out great and be very spiritual. But all our un-planned, dropping in, stuff was super sucky. Folks would would just tell us to come back after the parties. But overall my life is doing great, the work is doing well and my companion and I get along really well. 

Well. I love you guys. Have a great week.

Elder Goodwin

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