Monday, 9 January 2017

Bora is never boring...

Friends and family,

Well, my life went pretty well this week. Pretty scared actually for next week, we have heard this transfer is going to be a really big transfer which means big changes. So we know already that a bunch of people on Bora will be moved around. So we will see what is up for next week. 

I actually did a split all this week because an Elder in Faanui hurt his knee and it is hard for him to bike. So he came with me. Oh; we had a really really awesome lesson with an investigator who was showing signs of him being super duper potential for baptism. We were so happy because he is already married which gets rid of the number one block for baptism and he doesn’t smoke, drink or do use drugs anymore. We hope he keeps working hard. 

I also had a tragic double speed bumped cat the other day. Don't ask... we washed the blood off before anyone noticed… sad event.

Well that's my pretty lame week this week. I love you guys. Keep up being the awesome people you are. 

Elder R Goods.

At Christmas a really nice lady bought all six of us stuffed animals.

For a zone conferance over Skype---we decided to break out those nifty moustaches you sent me literally a million years ago. Over all, a fun time. 

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