Monday, 16 January 2017

Whoa... didn't get transferred... yet!

Hello all,
The transfer was pretty crazy for those on the main island working out all the movements. Some zones where completely changed. My last area got 'white washed’ (all new companionship) actually so now there are Sisters in Papehue. The Sisters of Maupiti are going to be arriving tomorrow normally, which is going to be weird because they are in our district. And Elder Owens and Elder Tepuhiarii got transfered out. Teps is going open an area in Faa’a and Elder Owens is going to be the new Zone Leader in Mahina. So now in the district we have Elder Dalton (Chicago) and Elder Rolls (Brisbane, Australia) fly in this morning. So Elder Frazer and I are staying together for another 6 weeks... which I'm actually pretty happy about. On Tahiti there are sooooooo many changes there is no way I could ever fully understand all the changes that have been made. 

This week was pretty rough but pretty great at the same time. Finding lessons at this moment is really hard for some reason. But all the lessons we did do this week where really high-quality great lessons. Lots of progression with a couple for our investigators. I got to do a split (swapping one’s companion with another) with one of the Area 70's (an area General Authority for the Church) for the Pacific the other day. He came down to Bora for a Stake meeting and wanted to do a split. I went with him and my companion went with some other Stake leader. We visited an old couple who have been investigating the Church for a while now. We taught a super duper spiritual lesson that we didn't even plan out... and fixed their baptismal dates. Pretty great if I do say so myself. 

On Sunday I got to translate for a pretty cool couple who are on vacation here. The lady reminded me so much of Mom it hurt. I also managed to fix a shark-feeding trip for them through a couple of members in the Ward. 

This new year is starting off a little bit rough. But I've fixed a bunch of Goals for this year and for the last little stretch of the mission, which I'm hoping will give me enough of a push to keep up the pace for the last 9 months. 

In other news... It was really hot this week. 

Well I love you guys. have a great week! đŸą

Elder Goodwin

Elder Owens and Elder Tepuhiarii got transferred!

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