Monday, 23 January 2017

Storms and splits

Hey Guys, This week went pretty good. I dont know if you saw on the weather, but there was a tropical storm going through French Polynesia this week. The island of Tahiti got hit really bad, there are lots of floods and tons of damage done. Here on Bora it rained a ton and there was a lot of wind, which is strange because it is usually quite calm here. No major problems here, just a couple trees fell over and very minor damage to some of the less sturdy homes. 

The work here in Bora is pressing on in a sense. The members here are very motivated right now and we have been fixing splits left right and center with the members. Sadly with the bad weather this week, we had to cancel some of our splits. We managed to find a reasonable amount of lessons this week, but still it has a been a little rough the last couple weeks. My comp and I still get along really well. He is a really quiet guy, but we find our own way of getting along. 

Funny story of the week, I have already heard stories about Elder Frazer talking in his sleep from some of his previous companions. For me it all started our second or third night together. It was about 3 o’clock in the morning and I get woken up by my companion screaming as if someone is stabbing him in the chest. I have never been so freaked out in my life. I got up a flicked the light on and asked my companion what was up---he just told me that he had a really bad dream about an evil bird or something. Then he was quiet for about another 3 weeks then he did it again. I would tell the other Elders about it but they almost didn’t believe me, until a couple weeks ago when we where on split with the other elders, He did it and almost made Elder Owens pee his pants. Finally the other night I was having trouble sleeping because of the heat, so I was lying there and at about midnight I hear him punch the wall really hard, and since our house is made of wood, it was a very loud noise and then he starting screaming really high pitched and kinda vibrato. We get along terrifically… the only thing that is weird are the night terrors! 

I don’t have a lot to write about this week. 

RANDOM TAHITIAN WORD TIME! The word of the week is "Manu Patia" which is the word for Bumble bee. But the direct translation is ‘stabbing bird' or 'the bird that stabs.' 

Well I love you guys. All is well here. The work is progressing little-by-little and I’m progressing little-by-little as well. 

Have a great week. 

Elder Goodwin

p.s. Sorry no pictures this week... stormy weather

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