Monday, 1 May 2017

A week of uplifting conferences...

Hello Fam jam,

I haven’t heard any news about the Skype call thingy this time around, I don’t think it’ll be a problem though. (editor’s note: Russell calls home on Mother’’s Day).  I’ll set stuff up this week and on monday we will fix the time. We have some members here with internet, so it should work out alright.

Yes we did have a conference here on Ra'iatea. In fact it was super great. We had the presence of Brother Cahoon and Sister Cahoon (A general authority) from Edmonton, Alberta at our conference. They presided over the Perth, Australia mission. (and they are somehow related to Travis we think). Brother Cahoon was the missionary that baptised President Bize’s parents in France, many years ago. I really liked the conference, It was really fun and I felt very edified after the conference. We overall did a lot of running around for President, but that’s kind of our job. No complaints. We even did a split with President Bize and Bro Cahoon.

in a lesson with Brother Cahoon there was a fight going on in the ‘quartier.’ A very poor quartier btw. And there were people pointing 5-foot long harpoon guns at each other, and we were caught in the middle. Long story short, the police were called and the gentleman we were teaching ended up coming to Church the next day. Brother Cahoon saw the best and the worst of Ra’iatea. heh heh!

Oh and we also had a Stake Conference here where my companion spoke in the general session. We also had the Presence of Elder Nielson of the Quorum of the 70 was there. Super great man. We had the opportunity with speak with him a bit and to hear some of his talks. Super enthusiastic and a very grounded man. Loved it. Overall an uplifting weekend. There were so many keys on the island this week.

In answer to your question about the Google maps picture of our house… it is the one of the left side of the chapel, closest to the entrance to the parking lot.

And about the pares I sent, the lady that made them is the best pareo maker in Bora Bora. Thats right. I’ve got friends in high places. heh heh.

Thats all I think... any Questions?

Elder Goodwin

P.S. My friend also carves Tiki’s. What do you guys think of Tikis? I might ask him to make me a couple. as long as we don’t pray to them... they make a great decoration.

Wood working with Dmp (Ward Mission Leader) Rudy.
Not sure if we actually helped him, but it sure was cool to Watch.

Tahitian style ukelele

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