Monday, 22 May 2017

Just another amazing week on Raiatea...

Ioriana, bonjour,

It doesn’t take crazy long to get a package from Papeete to Ra'iatea, it all depends on how fast the Missionaries in the office can get it to the docks. Considering that there is a rather big transfer right now. it may come next week. 

So ya, there is a transfer right now actually, we have a lot of changes in the zone, my companion is headed to Tautira to go a finish his mission. So I will be getting a new companion... Elder Terry. He is from the States and has been on his mission for about 21 months. I’ve met him a couple times, he pretty cool, it’s going to be fun. 

Because of the fact that President Bize is heading out (finished his 3-years as Mission President) in June, the July transfer was cancelled. So that means and Elder Terry will surely be staying together until August, since Terry will “die” (finish his mission) in August, That means that I will likely stay here until September at the earliest. And because we are getting a new Mission President, I may just finish my mission here. That'll be awesome, I’m really loving it so far.

This week we did a really cool activity in downtown Uturoa, we rented out a spot in the main plaza and got a big old tent thingy set up with some tables and chairs. We bought wayyyyyy to much chalk and just let my companion go crazy. (and very talented artist BTW) We did the plan of salvation, and while all of this was happening we had a sister who has an absolutely beautiful voice play the ukulele and sing in Tahitian. We contacted people from every island in Raromatai. (the Leeward island group). it was crazy how many people where interested. There was even a cruise ship there and we contacted people from Portugal, France, the US and everywhere in between. It was overall an amazing experience. The picture I sent wasn’t really the final Stage of its progression. Peel ended up adding a bunch of blue and purple in to make it look like it’s floating around in the galaxy. Overall a very cool experience. 

We had our Baptism this week. It was a really awesome experience. Papi is probably the coolest guy ever. And he is in mega good shape. I want him to train me.

I got to do a split with an Elder from Tahaa (the little island beside us). Peel got to go to Tahaa and I got to stay with Elder Jenkins. It was really fun. Jenkins is a really good missionary, lots of potential. 

So yeah. my comp takes a plane on Thursday, so by next week it'll be a whole new era in my Mission life. So that'll be fun to see. I’m doing fine and dandy, happy to see you guys had fun at the cabin!

love you guys.

Elder Goodwin

Oh and my branch mission leader is going to make a traditional Marquisian Tiki and A large Tahitian fish hook for the house. It'l be cool. 

Vanilla farm, this is a wilder more traditional set up.

Elder Peel's gospel sidewalk art!

Soeur Rakotomalala is going home. Just a little farewell picture.
Papi's baptism

Peel, Papi and I

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