Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Mother's Day Skype call... check!


Mother’s Day Skype call… check!
It was great talking to you guys on Skype yesterday. It almost feels normal now to just Skype every 6 or so months and then just not see each other for forever. So this time it'll be the same thing but we won’t be waiting on a Skype call. It will be in person! I don’t really feel “trunky" at all thankfully.  Because we just have sooooo much work to do. We are busy enough teaching our investigators, but on top of it---our other responsibilities keep us moving a lot. For now we are all golden.

Talking about bringing things home…. I will have space in my suit cases. I’ve been starting to get rid of stuff that I will no longer need for the rest of my mission. Since I don’t have a bunch of time left, I can live with only so many shirts and pairs of pants. and I’ve been carrying around a bunch of stuff from the beginning that we thought I would use, but haven’t yet found a use for them. So I think the space thing will not be a huge problem. If anything becomes a problem I can send non-valuable things by mail. 

Thats going to be a fun calling for you Dad. Just remember to be the "cool seminary teacher". Not the "lame seminary teacher". Find creative ways to get those good-for-nothin kids workin! 

No worries about my birthday package being a bit late. I guess I kind of deserve it after opening my Christmas package two weeks early!

Well. that's all for this week. I love you guys. keep being cool!

Elder Goodwin 

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